About Us

Our History

The Phoenix Sorority was established July 30, 1994 at New York City Mission Society's Minisink Townhouse. This organization was founded to help develop positive, young women in the community through programs that build self-esteem, leadership skills, and sisterhood.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Phoenix Sorority is to insure the preservation of culture amidst sisters of the Diaspora through programs that will promote self confidence while instilling conscious values recognizing the family, community, and ever-changing society.

The Purposes

  1. To develop a true and enduring bond of sisterhood among its members.
  2. To serve Minisink Townhouse and support all of its programs.
  3. To promote academic success amongst its members and the community.
  4. To promote social and cultural awareness regarding the African Diaspora.
  5. To serve the community by creating and supporting various programs for the family's and community's empowerment.
  6. To increase awareness of physical, mental, and spiritual health & wellness on a group and individual basis.

With a focus on the following program areas:
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Education
  • Family/Community
  • Health/Wellness
  • Sisterhood
  • Social Awareness
  • Women's History